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We tell the truth, and we work with you to find what fits you best.

None of us works on commission. You can be sure that you’re receiving honest
assesments of your prospective purchases.

Our staff is among the best educated you will find in any consumer electronics store,
with extensive experience in the audio field, and with home audio being a passion
and hobby as well as a job.  Among our sales staff we have two MS degrees
and an MA in electrical engineering, an MFA and PhD in design and decades
of professional experience in recording and producing records and radio broadcasts.

Our installers are trained and certified in loudspeaker room placement and
audio/video systems design, installation and calibration.

Geoff Poor – Owner Emeritus
Ann Eisner Poor – Advertising/Partner
Ron Miner – Accounting/Partner

Mark Laurent – Sales/Installation
Jordan Bohall – Sales/Installation/Webmaster
Kevin Stebbings – Sales/Installation



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